Who We Are

Since 2004, Cream Compression Ltd. has sold and serviced pumpjack engines in the Drayton Valley and Whitecourt areas.

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The Optimizer

Our beam mount gas compressor "THE OPTIMIZER" solves the common problem of back pressure on down-hole oil formation.

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Well Servicing

With over 100 years combined experience in the repair and sustainment of all engines, compressors and pumps.

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Power Units

Cream Compression sells Arrow and Ford well engines, and distributes Chevy 4.3L/5.7L power units.

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As a growing oilfield service company, we provide well servicing, well maintenance, and new well productivity exhancement technologies.

Our beam mount gas compressor, THE OPTIMIZER, solves the problem of back pressure on the down-hole oil formation.

To keep up with the needs of our customers, and to assist our mechanics in the field, we carry a full inventory of belts, sheaves, bushings, engine and compressor parts.

Bando Belts Odyssey Batteries Masterdrive Sheaves Arrow Engines GM Power Units Chevron Oils Buck's Engines

Picker Truck Rental

Our versatile picker truck, with bucket attachment, provides a safe platform from which to service your various high job needs in the Drayton Valley area, Fox Creek, Fort Assiniboine, and Whitecourt regions.

Contact us for rates and to schedule delivery.